join the new instant pasta buisnes today join the new instant pasta buisnes today

Are you looking for a new business with:

- not too high investiment requirements and
- high potential?

Maybe you are in the right place. Keep reading for a new business idea, and start your new business in few months!


  • The world population will soon reach the 9 billion landmark
  • Digital and traditional communications are skyrocketing
  • A faster lifestyle requires daily eating habits based on easiness and speed
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Under this scenario, the new international food market will have its foundations on a global merge of
taste, flavours and versatility


All this explains the success that a product like instant noodles has over the last decade. With more than 102 billion packets sold every year, instant noodles are probably the most widely spread ready meal in the world.


Data from 2014 global Demand from Instant Noodles Report
(World Instant Noodle Association)

instant noodles in the world instant noodles in the world instant noodles in the world

However, there is a downside to this success : the health issue

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Recent studies have placed instant noodles in the category of unhealthy food, due to their high salt content, MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate) and fats (deep fried in palm oil, a saturated fat, they have up to 10 times more fat then plain noodles).

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In this landscape, there is not only space for an alternative, but such an alternative is definitely needed.
And here is the new business idea.


Traditional pasta, in its instant format, is the answer. A savoury product that is:

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  • Not fried
  • Made just with flour and water
  • Ready in the same time (if not faster) than instant noodles

Furthermore, there is no difference in the preparation, (all it takes is a little boiling water, and a couple of minutes of time), but the result is healthier and tastier product

  • A product that can meet the expectations and desires of all segments of food market
  • A product attractive both for pasta companies aiming to diversify their range of offer and new Investors interested in entering the pasta market


Storci, a leading supplier of pasta machinery, has developed a system for the production of state-of-the-art instant pasta, including high quality dried sauces that can fit both traditional and special recipes. With it You can easly start your own instant pasta production factory with with an investment as low as $400.000.

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